5 Common Service Management Myths

5 Common Service Management Myths

October 24, 2013
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Field service management software equips you with everything your service business needs to become more efficient, and therefore more profitable.

What’s keeping you from getting ahead?

MYTH #1: Implementing a service management system will be too costly.

FALSE: You don’t have to buy a large, complex software package to get the benefits of automation. An automated software solution tailored to your needs is less costly than you think and can deliver a quick return on your investment (ROI).

See savings of up to $700 per month … per technician!

Even factoring in the cost of the software, any on-going maintenance costs, and staff training time, an ROI of less than six months is common. After that, it’s all money in your pocket.

Service Department Automation ROI in less than 6 months

See how it’s done. Download the whitepaper here.


MYTH #2: Implementing a service management system will be too time consuming.

FALSE: Many companies are up and running and using the system within two to three weeks.

“After a very smooth and short installation, we were able to provide more accurate invoicing, meter billing and response times for our customers. At AOE customer satisfaction is job #1. Miracle Service’s service management software has helped us achieve that goal.”

– Accurate Office Equipment

A worthwhile automation software company will ease your transition from on-going training and support, to importing your data.


MYTH #3: We’ll need to switch accounting packages and learn a whole new accounting program.

FALSE: By using service management software that integrates with your existing accounting system, you eliminate the extra cost and learning curve involved in taking on a new accounting program.


MYTH #4: We manage calls efficiently in our outlook calendar.

FALSE: Let’s look at how an automated system would handle a call:

When the customer phones in about a problem, dispatch has instant access to a wealth of information including: customer’s profile, equipment, service history, contract details, alerts, SLAs, service bulletins and preventive maintenance due.

One mouse-click produces a visual display of technicians’ schedules to see who is available to do the job.

A work order with multiple tasks and multiple technicians can be generated in seconds, then printed, e-mailed, sent to a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Both the technician and the customer can receive the work order right away and the dispatcher can monitor all service calls in progress.

Let’s see Outlook do all that!


MYTH #5: My business can operate at maximum potential without an automated system.

FALSE: Let’s face it, service operations can’t be run the way they were in the past. Competitive pressure is mounting everyday as companies automate to relieve pressure on their limited staff resources. Sooner or later, any firm that has not yet automated its field service operations will become less competitive.

According to recent research by the Aberdeen Group, Best-in-Class firms are 67% more likely than industry average to employ technology solutions to improve service operations and almost twice as likely to be using a mobile field service solution.

The good news is that automation is much easier than many companies realize and the productivity gains are huge.

Automation software can streamline and improve every aspect of the servicing business — from getting technicians to the right place with the right parts on time, to managing contracts, inventory, billing and follow up. Plus, you get easy access to data on how the business is performing; information essential for planning, management and staying competitive.

For more information on field service management software please visit our website. Still unsure if automation is right for your business? Request a demonstration today.