File Name:MS10300Upgrade_NA.exe
Date Published:1 June 2022
Version: Client/ Admin
Download Size:97 MB
Release Notes:Click here to view
Upgrade Instructions: Print a copy and follow these instructions.
 Warning:This update must be run by a user with Administrator permissions for Windows.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is required for the latest Miracle Service upgrade to run. Please have your I.T. Dept/Company upgrade your server and computers to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 prior to upgrading.

Using the Upgrade Instructions above, click on the appropriate download link:

Running Microsoft Office 365 64-bit?

Compatible for 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems.

Standard 32 Bit & 64 Bit Download

Running Microsoft Office 64-bit?

To find out, see Help>About in any of your Microsoft Office programs.

64 Bit Office Download

 MSWeb also needs to be upgraded. Click here.


This is the Client and Administration interface update for Miracle Service version 10 (MSv10).

System Requirements

Miracle Service version or later installed. For a complete list of System Requirements, please click here

WARNING: If you are upgrading from a version earlier than v8.0 do not use this upgrade.

Important Notes

  • It is recommended that users backup their Miracle Service database before applying any updates to their system.
  • This update must be run by a user with Administrator permissions for Windows.
  • This update must be installed on every Miracle Service workstation.
  • Miracle Service must not be running when applying this update.
  • We recommend that the initial upgrade be performed ‘locally’ on the server rather than across a network.
  • We recommend that the upgrade should be run on a fairly powerful machine, especially if the msbe.mdb file is greater than 100MB (to reduce the upgrade time).
  • This upgrade includes a powerful Database Auditing routine which can take some time on large databases. You should anticipate the upgrade taking anywhere from 20 min to a couple of hours, depending on the size of your database.


Available Upgrade Service

The software for the upgrade is free to users with an active Technical Support agreement. You can perform the upgrade yourself by following the written upgrade instructions above. Alternatively, if you would like our Technical Support Team to perform the upgrade for you please schedule this with the Technical Support Team by e-mailing This service is available at $125.00 for up to two computers.