New Meter Billing Contract Algorithms

New Meter Billing Contract Algorithms

November 14, 2013
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With the latest release of Miracle Service there are now more contract billing methods you can use to build your contracts exactly as you want. We work hard to monitor the changing trends and have recently incorporated a number of new meter billing contracts algorithm’s to help you do just that.

Offering a unique billing program can be helpful in winning more business and help you stand out competitively. While Miracle Service offers many unique billing algorithms, two of the recent additions are: Combined Base and Accumulate Clicks Included.

Combined Base contracts allow you to charge a base fee for the clicks. The charge is a combined charge for all of the billed meters on the contract. This type of contract can be useful on color MFP machines as it will allow you to charge a base minimum for the machine, and that base is consumed by the usage on both meters. Once the clicks-used exceed the base charge, overages are charged based on the use of the color or mono meters. While this is similar to ‘clicks included’, it is using the combined clicks of the meters on the machine to consume the minimum base charge.

An example of the Combined Base contract, assume you were charging a minimum Base Charge of $100 with $0.01 per mono and $0.065 per color page for overages. In the billing algorithm, it will calculate the mono and color charges and then deduct the minimum. If the difference is less than the minimum, no overage is charged. If the difference is greater than the $100 minimum, it will charge the overage based on the color and mono click charge rate.

Accumulated Clicks Included contracts allow you to build a standard ‘clicks included’ contract, but if those minimum clicks are not consumed, they will roll-over and be added to the clicks included in the next billing period. This is very attractive to customers that prefer to pay a set minimum monthly fee, but do not want to be penalized if they have less volume than expected in one period since they can roll-over the unused clicks included to the next billing period.

For both the Combined Base and Accumulated Clicks Included contracts, the Period and Meter Billing Intervals must be set to the same schedule (i.e. Monthly, Quarterly…etc.)

These are just two great new features included in the latest update of Miracle Service.

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