Fire Protection Industry Software

Field Service Software for Fire Inspection, Protection & Alarm Companies

Fire protection service software is a boon to companies that install, repair and maintain fire suppression systems, Miracle Service has the features and capabilities to significantly streamline your operations.

Better manage your inspections and customer equipment deficiencies to ensure you are not losing revenue opportunities. Get better control over your inspection documentation and have it available to prove inspection compliance at the touch of a button! You’ll gain capabilities that improve every aspect of your business — including contract administration, inventory control, invoicing and profitability.

  • Equipment Service History: Keeping track of your customers’ equipment details and service history is essential. Miracle Service provides you with instant up-to-date client, equipment and service history information, plus quick and efficient service technician scheduling. The benefits of fire alarm inspection software are tangible
  • eForms Certificate Retrieval System: When performing on-site inspections, technicians record the data on their tablets or laptops directly into your centralized database using the Mobile Field Technician Console.  Electronic Adobe forms and certificates can then be created, signed and saved quickly and easily with just the click of a button!  Read more.
  • Service Contracts: Service contracts are a key component of many businesses, and with Miracle Service you can manage them with ease. Dispatchers and fire protection technicians can quickly verify customer entitlements, eliminating the costs of providing parts and services not covered under contract. Automated period billings and contract expirations and renewals are quickly accessible, and management can be certain that inspections are planned for and met.
  • Inventory Management: With complete inventory management for equipment sales & service companies, Miracle Service lets you easily track either serialized or non-serialized parts in your warehouse or on trucks, track usage trends, monitor supply for optimal levels and ensure proper billing for every part used.

Miracle Service is modular so you only pay for the components you need for your business.

Miracle Service manages the complete fire protection field management lifecycle, from lead generation and quotation, to service and billing, through repurchase. If you deliver great service to your customers today, with Miracle Service it can be even better: proactive, personalized and exceeding expectations.


Standard Features:

  • Service Call Management
  • Visual ‘drag & drop’ Technician Scheduling
  • Inventory, Parts Management & Stock Control
  • Service Contract Administration
  • Sales Order Processing & Sales Invoicing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Management Reporting
  • Document Management