Report Editor

Full Control Over Customer Facing Documents & Management Reports

Miracle Service’s Report Editor module provides you the ability to modify and personalize your customer facing documents to your specific needs, and create management field service reports to analyze all aspects of your business. 

  • Full control over your customer facing documents
  • Improve corporate branding with personalized field service reports
  • Generate field service management reports that shows information exactly as you want it presented

Report Editor Functions

Basic Functions
  • Change font size, type and color
  • Change text alignment
  • Resize or move your logo
  • Adding images
  • Delete fields
  • Make minor layout changes, including repositioning and resizing fields
  • Add text boxes
  • Add or change border styles
  • Add or change background colors
  • Add watermarks
Advanced Functions*
  • Add existing database fields
  • Major layout changes
  • Change groupings
  • Change sort orders

* Advanced functions require a good understanding on the use of similar report design tools such as Crystal Reports® or other.

 for System Requirements

Click here for a guideline on the minimum system requirements.