Medical Equipment Field Service Management System

Medical Industry Software

Medical Equipment Industry Software

Miracle Service medical equipment service management software makes it easy to stay organized and on top of your field service business, while maintaining critical records needed to meet regulatory compliance.

Maximize Efficiency by streamlining your workflows and automating your business processes

X-Rays, MRI machines and laboratory equipment – tracking their required maintenance and meeting your service level agreements (SLA’s) is a lot to handle without the right service software. Miracle Service’s medical equipment service management system makes scheduling technicians, managing field service inventory, and tracking PMs and repairs easier than ever before.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Automate recurring technician scheduling

We know how important it is to keep track of which inspections and service are coming up so you can ensure nothing gets missed. That’s why Miracle Service is designed to do the work for you. Flexible and configurable, your PM schedules can be set-up by site, equipment, contact, due date and frequency. This means that you can set it and forget it, and the software will auto-generate the inspection and service visits for you. In addition to being convenient, you’ll avoid missed due dates and wasted time, saving you time and money.

Miracle Service’s medical equipment contract management will automatically generate the correct billing for every job, ensuring quick and accurate invoicing, while speeding up payment receipts. Automated recurring billings, contract expirations and renewals are all easily managed. With Miracle Service, users can easily confirm customer entitlements, which can in turn eliminate the costs of providing parts and services that are not covered under the contract. You’ll also be able to see how profitable each customer contract is, which is essential for making sure you’re maximizing your profits.

Start saving time and money. Make scheduling and dispatching medical repair technicians easier and more efficient with Miracle Service.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Medical Equipment Service History

Medical Equipment Service History

Always have up-to-date service information

Miracle Service acts as an electronic service history file for your customers’ equipment. The system automatically tracks all of your customer’s equipment details, such as make and model, serial numbers, site location, associated documentation, service reports and service history. With real-time access to these important details, you’ll always be up to date and save time searching for needed information. It allows for better communication and collaboration between your office, your technicians and your customers so everyone has the most recent information.

The Mobile Field Technician Console provides your technicians with the ability to log all details of their medical equipment service, repair, inspection, de-installation or installation jobs, get electronic customer signatures, and complete any needed checklist or regulatory documentation.

Get instant up-to-date client, medical equipment management and service history information, without having to spend time digging through emails or files.

Inspection Checklists & Regulatory Forms

Maintain critical records used to meet regulatory compliance.

From right on their laptops or mobile devices, technicians are able to complete their online inspection and service reports in real-time. This will enable them to reduce the amount of time taken in entering information on each inspection report, saving the company money and producing more efficient on-site visits.

The reports are then saved in your Miracle Service system attached to the equipment and the service job so they never go astray and are easily accessible. Get signatures, and automatically send the Work Order to your customer. Your customers can also log in to your online customer portal to view the status of their completed repairs through a secure website login. They can use this feature to open service orders, order parts, view the status of their open jobs and more, 24/7 from wherever they are.

Inspection Checklists & Regulatory Forms
Inventory Management

Medical Equipment Inventory Management

Optimize Your Medical Equipment Parts Inventory

An efficient inventory management system is critical to running a successful medical equipment service business – and Miracle Service can help you do just that. Hospitals and medical clinics require high equipment uptimes, so when an equipment failure happens medical equipment repair companies need to know right away what parts are available, and where they are, in order to quickly rectify the issue and return the equipment to operational status. When technicians have the correct parts they need for each service call, you’ll increase first call resolution and have more satisfied customers.

The best inventory management systems help track which parts are most commonly used so you can ensure safety stock levels which let you respond more quickly to common issues. At the same time, it is also important not tie up critical operating capital in excessive stock – which is why Miracle Service helps you maintain optimal stock levels, track usage trends and notifies you when it is time to re-order.

Having the proper inventory management system is essential to keeping your medical equipment service business running smoothly and efficiently.

Standard Features:

  • Service Call Management
  • Visual ‘drag & drop’ Technician Scheduling
  • Inventory, Parts Management & Stock Control
  • Service Contract Administration
  • Sales Order Processing & Sales Invoicing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Management Reporting
  • Document Management


FAQ about Medical Equipment Maintenance Software:

Used by medical equipment sales and service businesses world-wide, Medical Equipment Service Management software combines Field Service Management (FSM) software, Enterprise Relationship Management (ERP) solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Asset Management, and Checklists and Inspection Forms into an all-in-one industry-specific software solution. This business software is central to the efficient operation of medical equipment repair companies and is used primarily for service technician dispatching, preventative maintenance scheduling, parts and inventory management, analyzing customer and contract profitability, and managing required regulatory forms. For more than 28 years, Miracle Service’s software has delivered time saving and profit boosting solutions to the medical equipment service industry.

Miracle Service uses Adobe forms so the look can be completely customized and standards compliance can be maintained. Your forms can include data fields, drop-down fields, signature and calculations as needed. Personalized with your company logo and contact details, your forms and inspection reports are fully customized for you.

Not at all. You only pay for what you need, as your business needs it – it’s that simple. Miracle Service comes standard with many core business features so you will have what you will need to get started. Multiple optional add-ons are also available if you want to further enhance your medical equipment dealership’s service automation. Check out the full list of Medical Equipment Industry Software features that are available to you.

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