Service Contract Management Software

Efficient & Simple to Use Contract Tracking

Throughout the contract life-cycle, Miracle Service serves as a contract management solution. The initial setup, regular contract billing, annual billing increases, and periodic maintenance and renewals are all properly maintained within the Field service software - Service contract management software.

Using a service contract management system, you can consolidate invoices, quickly see the terms and conditions for each contract, and generate profitability analyses with the click of a button. Parts, prices, and the cost of labor and travel are all defaulted based on contract terms set within the field service software - Service contract management system, simplifying the process of determining what's included within a contract.

Service contract management eliminates lost revenues by ensuring that billing is conducted in alignment with contract terms. Parts and services that aren't included are easily identified and billed for and multiple items can be consolidated into a single invoice within the contract management system.

Benefits of Field Service Software-Service Contract Management Software

  • Automatic organization eliminates lost revenues
  • See complete financial terms and conditions of each contract
  • See each item under contract for each customer, including service history, billing information, renewals, items included, labor, travel and more
  • In one click generate profitability analysis for each item, or an entire service
  • Multiple items under contract can be consolidated into one invoice to simplify the billing process for both you and the customer

Selling service contracts, analyzing and renewing existing contracts couldn’t be easier.

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System Requirements

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