Inventory Management Control Software

Intelligent Inventory Control

Managing costs is a critical function of any service business. Having the right parts and supplies inventory accessible to your field service technicians will reduce the number of second and third visits to fix equipment. Miracle Service inventory management software’s controls & tracking feature helps track your parts usage and can determine the right parts and quantities to manage your inventory efficiently, and reduce the cash your business has tied up in excess inventory.

  • Improve first call success rates by having the right inventory on hand
  • Accurately track inventory and monitor parts usage
  • Reduce overhead costs

All these inventory management software and control features help to ensure that technicians have what they need for each service call, resulting in greater first call resolution and more satisfied customers. Talk to us about what Miracle Service can do for your service company.

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Ensure you have the optimal inventory on hand to manage your service business with Miracle Service inventory management control software.
Since making the switch to Miracle Service, it has made keeping track of all service history so much simpler. Now I can just open an equipment record and see all the service that has been done to it, and what’s great about it is that the history stays with the equipment even if the equipment is sold to someone else.

Commerce, CA, USA

Miracle Service has made tracking invoices and inventory a real pleasure over the software we used to use. It has made the whole process user friendly and quite intuitive.

Billings, MT, USA

Miracle Service has completely changed our service department—everything from dispatching calls to managing our inventory. Our response time to the customer has improved tremendously, and no more guessing what is in inventory. Miracle Service has been nothing but a positive experience.

Anderson, SC, USA

Tracking inventory back to which customer got what part or supply without having to go through and view each customer invoice has been great!

Charlottesville, VA, USA

System Requirements

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