Field Service Software: Automated Billing Module

Billing & Invoice Management

Easily Generate Automatic Invoices

No matter the type of invoice (sales, service or monthly contract billing) Miracle Service ensures all open invoices are tracked.

The Automated invoicing billing management features of the software ensures that your service invoicing is efficient, on time, and fully complete.

Reducing the amount of time it takes to create invoices lets you focus on the other areas of your business. Let our automated billing software work for you by reducing the number of manual series orders and invoices that need to be created. Billing management software lets you simplify the process while preventing unpaid invoices from falling through the cracks.


  • Save time creating sales orders and invoices
  • Never miss an invoice date
  • Never lose service call invoices! Our service invoicing software makes sure no billing gets lost between service calls and invoicing
  • Improve administrative efficiency

Key Features

Reduce Manual Transactions
  • Automatically generate sales orders and invoices using customer, quantity and/or special pricing. Our automated billing management software does all the hard work for you.
  • Labor and travel charges can be automatically calculated and added to service invoices.
Contract and Monthly Billing
  • Automatic month-end invoicing to your customers.
  • Auto-send invoices by customer preferences (print, email, fax).
  • Unique feature: Link invoices to contracts & equipment for accurate profitability tracking.
  • Link purchase orders to sales orders and invoices.
Preventative Maintenance Invoices

Automatically generate invoices for preventative maintenance based on contract details and billing cycles.

Tracking Service Tickets

All open service tickets can be viewed in one area, and once a ticket is closed information is collected to generate an invoice.

System Requirements

Click here for a guideline on the minimum system requirements.