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  • 10 Efficiency-Boosting Tips

    December 1, 2016 | Comments off

    TIP 1: DON’T LET HIGH FUEL COSTS BURN UP YOUR PROFITS. Driving paperwork back and forth to the customer site can send profits up in smoke. Instead, have your technicians complete work orders in the field, entering data instantly through their laptops, tablets or mobile devices. This starts the seamless process of generating invoices right away…

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  • Bridging the Gap: Why Your Accounting System and Your Service Management Program Should Work Together

    November 21, 2016 | Comments off

    Why do you need a service management program when you already have an accounting system? It’s hard to imagine managing your business today without an accounting package like QuickBooks® or Sage50®. Accounting systems are central to your business, but one thing they cannot do is help you manage your service department. As your service business grows and you add customers, service technicians, employees, inventory and equipment to service, everyday business becomes more complicated. Naturally you will turn to your accounting system and try to pull the information from it you need to run your business.

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  • Attracting Talent to Your Company

    October 17, 2016 | Comments off

    Does planning your retirement, managing staff turnover, and attracting new “millennial” talent to your scales business keep you up at night? OK, maybe they don’t keep you up all night, but it’s difficult to imagine that as a company owner or senior manager, you are not concerned that so much of your business processes and customer relationships are tied to a few key employees – that could retire, or leave at any time.

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