Accounting Exporter - QuickBooks

Seamless Integration Between QuickBooks and Miracle Service

Miracle Service including a seamless ‘one-button-click’ export to QuickBooks®, the #1 best-selling accounting software.

Unlike other Service Management Software systems that lock you in to a proprietary, expensive accounting system, Miracle Service gives you the flexibility to keep your existing QuickBooks software. This makes your transition into Miracle Service much easier and faster than other service management software.


  • With our ‘one-button-click’ export to QuickBooks® invoices, purchase orders, customer and vendor information, inventory, payment terms, tax group, sales person and more are exported directly to QuickBooks®.
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating double entries.
  • Take Control & Stay Flexible: Control when, how, and with whose approval invoices are sent to QuickBooks®.

* Miracle Service is a QuickBooks® approved software partner. In order to achieve this certification, Miracle Service has undergone rigorous technical reviews to ensure that it works seamlessly with QuickBooks®.

Efficiency Boosting Tip

  • Don't let billing slip!
Invoice every job promptly. The most reliable way to do this is through automated billing. Relying on a manual approach can be error-prone, leading to payment delays or even failure to invoice at all. It’s easy to overlook an invoice, especially when the job is small. Those small jobs add up! When you generate invoices automatically, your billing stays ahead of the game.


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