When Was the Last Time Your Employees Received Training?

When Was the Last Time Your Employees Received Training?

March 9, 2015
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Ensuring that new employees are trained correctly to minimize the potential for errors and downtime is essential to keep your service business running smoothly. Whenever an employee leaves your company, there is always the possibility that their knowledge of your Miracle Service system will leave with them. The most common approach is to get another employee to train them, but this method presents several problems.

The average software user only retains a portion of what they are taught. Therefore, learning from another employee is only as effective as what that particular co-worker remembers. In addition, you must now also take into consideration how the employee who is responsible for training your new hire was educated. Were they shown the most effective way to use the program or have they developed their own processes that are not as efficient? How complete is the trainer’s knowledge, and is it even correct? Do they know not only how to use the program effectively but also how to leverage your Miracle Service software to the best possible advantage?

If not, the new employee may mistakenly assume that the program cannot do everything they need and they will start working around the application instead of with it – resulting in reduced efficiency and increased costs for your business.

Untrained or poorly-trained users cost significantly more for a customer than a well-trained user. This affects your bottom line every year through increased downtime, co-worker distractions, rework, and increased time per task.


So what can you do to retain and even improve your employee’s software knowledge retention?

Schedule ongoing training sessions. Existing employees should continue to take refresher courses on a regular basis. As new versions and updates to software programs are released, they may forget the best way to do things.

To combat application knowledge erosion, new and existing users need to be trained to ensure they are optimizing their use of Miracle Service. In order to maximize the efficiency of your service management software, training should be a continuous process of short sessions over a period of time – not a one-time crash course. Don’t assume that all of your employees are up to date. Everyone can benefit from a quick, one-hour online training session.

Take advantage of the training resources available to you help maintain high utilization and efficiency in the organization. Free, unlimited webinar training is available for customers with monthly or annual technical support membership plans, which includes access to our video training center to watch previously recorded sessions.

Personalized training, focused on your company’s individual requirements is also available for an hourly charge.

As you hire new staff, you don’t have to rely only on the employee who is leaving to do a full knowledge transfer. Let us help! We’re here to show you how to get more from your system, and experience all of the benefits of Miracle Service. Check out the upcoming training webinars and sign up for a class today.

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