Miracle Service Announces Version 8.0 of its Service Management Software

Miracle Service Announces Version 8.0 of its Service Management Software

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader of dealer management software development for the imaging device industry, announced a significant upgrade to its Miracle Service software.

Version 8.0 features an intuitive new user interface that is customizable depending on the roles and requirements of each user. It also offers a robust new search functionality for users to search supplies, parts, and equipment inventory, as well as contract details and service calls.

“Over the past few years we have seen significant changes in the ways our dealers are using Miracle Service”, said Robert Sombach, Vice President Operations and Development for Nexent Innovations Inc. “Our Service Management software is used by many employees on a daily basis to drive efficiency and profit inside a company, and we believe version 8.0 will help even more businesses achieve their profit targets.”

Miracle Service software supports the complete service life cycle for equipment sales and service dealers:  sales, dispatching, technician scheduling, inventory, billing, and mobile field service. Miracle Service streamlines operations into a single system, as the software architecture is modular and customers are able to add functionality, as they require it, ensuring their investment in the system is maximized.


To learn more about Miracle Service software, please visit: www.MiracleService.com or call 1-866-463-9368

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