Miracle Service Announces Version 9 of its Service Management Software

Miracle Service Announces Version 9 of its Service Management Software

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader of field service management software has released the latest upgrade to its Miracle Service product.

Version 9 (SQL) Now Available

Version is available as a free upgrade to all customers with the SQL version of Miracle Service and who have a current monthly or annual membership plan. Highlights include…

  • NEW Added the ability to define a list price on serialized items to be used on Sales Orders when the items are not in stock: Helpful when quoting from Miracle Service or CRM.
  • NEW Default Mileage: You can now store a default mileage to the Customer’s location on their record so it doesn’t have to be added each time by the technician.
  • NEW Meter Reading event: Added a new Event Manager alert to notify users when a meter reading is required. The alert can be set to activate when a piece of equipment is selected on a Sales Invoice, Sales Order or Service Task.
  • NEW Added the ability to import weight kits: Now when you renew your NIST certificates each year, you can reimport the list of kits with their new expiry dates.
  • NEW Sales Order template with Inventory Kit Details: See the full item list when adding an inventory kit using this template.
  • CRM: Improved performance of CRM built-in Reports

See release notes for full list of changes.


To learn more about Miracle Service software, please visit: www.MiracleService.com or call 1-866-463-9368

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