December 11, 2017

Miracle Service Announces Version of its Service Management Software

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader of field service management software has released the latest upgrade to its Miracle Service product. Highlights include...
December 1, 2017

10 Efficiency-Boosting Tips

TIP 1: DON’T LET HIGH FUEL COSTS BURN UP YOUR PROFITS. Driving paperwork back and forth to the customer site can send profits up in smoke. Instead, have your technicians complete work orders in the field, entering data instantly through their laptops, tablets or mobile devices. This starts the seamless process of generating invoices right away…
June 19, 2017

Release Announcement – New Customer Portal

We're pleased to announce the NEW Customer Self-Service Portal is now available. Built using the latest mobile technology, this add-on is available for Miracle Service (SQL) and forms the development platform for all our upcoming portal releases. More coming this year! Features of Customer Self-Service Portal: * Responsive Design: Portal looks great on any size screen! Automatically adjusts for phones, tablet and computer screens so your customers get the best viewing experience. * Customizable Homepage, Shortcut Menus and Color Themes: Personalize with your company's branding and preferences. * Shopping Cart Style: Customers add their requested parts and supplies to their shopping cart when creating a Sales Order. * Your Customers Can...Create new service requests ~ Order parts and supplies ~ View open tickets and service history ~ Update meter readings ~ View and print their certificates and forms. (Each of these options can be turned on/off by you). See Screenshots...
June 13, 2017

Miracle Service Announces Version 9 of its Service Management Software

Version is available as a free upgrade to all customers with the SQL version of Miracle Service and who have a current monthly or annual membership plan. Highlights include... * NEW Added the ability to define a list price on serialized items to be used on Sales Orders when the items are not in stock: Helpful when quoting from Miracle Service or CRM. * NEW Default Mileage: You can now store a default mileage to the Customer's location on their record so it doesn't have to be added each time by the technician. * NEW Meter Reading event: Added a new Event Manager alert to notify users when a meter reading is required. The alert can be set to activate when a piece of equipment is selected on a Sales Invoice, Sales Order or * Service Task. * NEW Added the ability to import weight kits: Now when you renew your NIST certificates each year, you can reimport the list of kits with their new expiry dates. * NEW Sales Order template with Inventory Kit Details: See the full item list when adding an inventory kit using this template. * CRM: Improved performance of CRM built-in Reports. See release notes for full list of changes.
November 21, 2016

Bridging the Gap: Why Your Accounting System and Your Service Management Program Should Work Together

Why do you need a service management program when you already have an accounting system? It’s hard to imagine managing your business today without an accounting package like QuickBooks® or Sage50®. Accounting systems are central to your business, but one thing they cannot do is help you manage your service department. As your service business grows and you add customers, service technicians, employees, inventory and equipment to service, everyday business becomes more complicated. Naturally you will turn to your accounting system and try to pull the information from it you need to run your business.
October 17, 2016

Attracting Talent to Your Company

Does planning your retirement, managing staff turnover, and attracting new “millennial” talent to your scales business keep you up at night? OK, maybe they don’t keep you up all night, but it’s difficult to imagine that as a company owner or senior manager, you are not concerned that so much of your business processes and customer relationships are tied to a few key employees – that could retire, or leave at any time.
May 20, 2016

Software: Build vs. Buy

Recently I was approached by a scale dealer who recounted to me that he has spent $100K and 12+months developing a certificate management program that, even once complete, will not have the capabilities of software that is readily available for his industry today at a fraction of the price. This is not uncommon for us to hear.
February 14, 2016

3 Industry Changing Trends – Weights and Scale Industry

Three emerging business software trends are impacting the Weights and Measures service industry on a daily basis. Companies that adopt these trends early can get ahead of the competition....and stay ahead! WHEN YOU’RE ON THE MOVE! Mobile Computing remains one of the most important trends today, and can result in a dramatic ROI improvement. According to a field service report by the Aberdeen Group, a top-ranked U.S. research firm, 58% of incoming calls requesting service result in a service rep being dispatched. In the majority of cases...
July 21, 2015

Miracle Service Announces Version 8.0 of its Service Management Software

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader of dealer management software development for the imaging device industry, announced a significant upgrade to its Miracle Service software. Version 8.0 features an intuitive new user interface that is customizable depending on the roles and requirements of each user. It also offers a robust new search functionality for users to search supplies, parts, and equipment inventory, as well as contract details and service calls.