May 14, 2014

What Is a Net Promoter Score? (And Why It’s Critical for Service-based Businesses)

If you could ask your clients just one question, would it be “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” Established by Bain & Company in 2003, the Net Promoter Score was created to help companies measure customer loyalty, using a single question survey conducted by phone, email or web, with a 10-point rating scale and a short answer section. How willing your customers are to recommend your services to others determines which category they fall into: promoters, passives or detractors.
April 4, 2014

3 Key Things to Consider When Developing Your Company’s Mobile Strategy

To ensure a happy, satisfied customer base and an efficient field service team, the option of employing mobile technology is no longer considered “nice-to-have,” it has now become a necessity to stay competitive. Here are 3 key considerations when developing your company’s mobile strategy.
March 4, 2014

Is Your Team Mobile?

Are you constantly chasing down your service technicians for paperwork to close tickets and invoice customers? A common complaint among field service providers is that they are constantly tracking down information from the field service teams in order to complete and invoice service calls. When your process requires service technicians to return to the office and submit paperwork, several problems can occur. The first is that it can often take several days for reps to return with their proper paperwork. This delay will also delay the timing of your receivables. The sooner you can invoice customers, the quicker you can start the cash flow process. Every company can benefit from speeding up their cash flow by a few extra days. In areas where service technicians are responsible for a geographic region, they often stay away from the office for several days. In some cases bringing the tech back in primarily to return paperwork is actually costing you labor hours that are not productive. While most companies pay service technicians an hourly wage, those hours are best spent in front of customers instead of driving paperwork back to head office.
November 14, 2013

Service Metrics – What’s your number?

The idea of field service seems so simple, customers have an issue, you send out a service technician to repair the device and send them a bill. Simple? Maybe, but not easy. There are many things that need to happen in order for your service calls to be successful. Is the technician qualified to diagnose and repair the device? Do they have the right part(s). Have you scheduled enough time for the technician to make the repair? Have you scheduled the right travel route if the technician is tasked with multiple calls per day? If managed properly, service calls can be a tremendous revenue and profit generator. They can however have the opposite effect on your business if the process becomes too manual. There are many performance indicators you can use to measure your business, lets start with one: your First Call Success Rate (FCSR).
October 8, 2012

National Industrial Scale Association Technology Conference

October 8, 2012 – Technology for Service Management: As the opening speaker at the National Industrial Scale Association’s Technical Conference in Savannah, GA on October 8th, Robert Sombach discussed how […]
May 5, 2012

Mobile Computing – A competitive advantage in field service operation

May 2012 – Office Technology magazine: Field service is well into the process of going mobile now. Technology has rapidly evolved to a point where technicians can now access and […]
April 11, 2011

Miracle Service featured on Cover of Office Technology Magazine

April 2011 – Office Technology magazine: Miracle Service’s prominence in service management software has been highlighted once again, with leading industry magazine Office Technology featuring Miracle Service on the cover […]
March 22, 2011

Miracle Service Showcased at ITEX show in Washington, DC

March 22-23, 2011 – North America’s largest trade event in the imaging channel, the ITEX show showcased the latest state-of-the-art office solutions. Office equipment dealers from around the world were […]